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    Filtration of oils and emulsions

    Filtration/recycling of oils consists of filtering out ultra-fine particles that are responsible for a significant part of hydraulic system failures (filter clogging, valve malfunctions, leaks caused by abrasive action of particles dispersed in the oil, etc.). Another important element of filtration is the removal of water from the oil, which eliminates its acidity. Proper filtration thus prevents corrosion and chemical damage to machinery and hoses.

    Filtration/recycyling of emulsions means removing coarse chips and filtering ultra-fine particles and sludge from emulsions. Another option is to separate the drip oil from the emulsion.

    Cleaning of machine tools

    We have many years of experience in cleaning machine tools and tanks and perform them at a top level. In addition to manual cleaning and hot vaping, we use dry steam, which is the most gentle and effective method, especially for cleaning surfaces and hard-to-reach or sensitive areas. The steam cleaner can also be used for cleaning of oil tanks.

    Service of hydraulic equipment

    We offer services in the field of hydraulic equipment care:

    • Preventive inspections of hydraulic equipment
    • Diagnostics of hydraulic systems and oils
    • Revision and repair of accumulators
    • Installation of tubular manifolds

    Laboratory analyses

    The analysis is meant to check the condition of the lubricants used and should be carried out at regular intervals at least once a year. Keeping lubricants (hydraulic, turbine, gear and other oils) in good condition is a significant contributor to machine uptime and performance and is one of the key components of preventive maintenance. Poor lubricant condition (mechanical contamination, high water concentration, high oil stress, etc.) can lead to serious machinery breakdowns and associated costly downtime and repairs. Each of our analyses includes recommendations for further action.