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    German manufacturer of high-performance central filtration systems, equipment for the processing of chip waste and sludge, magnetic separators and other accessories.

    FAUDI offers technologies for a wide variety of applications:



    • Precoat filter systems equipped with candle filters, designed for the most demanding operations such as grinding and honing, finishing, lapping, eroding, pressing and rolling; filtration fineness up to 3 µm, filter surface area per filter dome from 1.5 to 85 m², filtration capacity from 50 l/min up to 20,000 l/min.
    • Belt filter systems (vacuum, pressure, belt filters, gravity) designed for a wide range of operations such as turning, drilling, milling or grinding or for the treatment of sludge from machining (especially aluminium) and grinding.
    • Chip crushers, briquetting and screw presses for processing chip waste and sludge.
    • Magnetic separators (roller, rod, magnetic candle filters) for separating ferritic contaminants and chips in liquids; roller separators can be used for various types and volumes of tanks – magnetic roller widths from 10 to 1 500 mm.