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    Total Fluid Management

    What is Total Fluid Management?

    Delegation of care and responsibility for industrial fluids and filter material to a specialist contractor.

    Why Total Fluid Management?

    Consistent monitoring of the condition and quality of fluids, timely filtration/recycling, optimal servicing and leak monitoring prolongs the life of fluids and reduces their consumption. With the implementation of TFM, a 15 to 25% saving in lubricant costs and an 80 to 90% reduction in machine breakdowns can be expected. Opting for TFM brings economic benefits and contributes to reducing the environmental burden. Leave your worries to us and be closer to nature with us.


    What does Total Fluid Management include?

    Care of industrial fluids

    Total Fluid Management covers the complete care of industrial fluids from purchasing, through distribution and filling to disposal.

    • We purchase according to customer requirements
    • We store, distribute to machines and fill
    • We monitor and evaluate the condition
    • We provide maintenance services (oil filtration, soft sludge removal, foreign oil removal from emulsions)

    Filters and filtration units

    Total Fluid Management includes the provision of filters, filter materials and filtration equipment.

    • We purchase, stock and replace filters and filter materials
    • We develop and manufacture customized filtration and service units
    • We can offer products from other manufacturers

    Cleaning of machine tools

    We have many years of experience in cleaning machine tools and tanks. We perform them at a top level and are constantly improving them by introducing the latest technologies.

    In addition to manual cleaning and hot vaping, we use dry steam, which is the most gentle and effective method, especially for cleaning surfaces and hard-to-reach or sensitive areas.


    What – Where – How much – When

    Of course, Total Fluid Management provides detailed, visually clear and user-friendly data reporting. We use barcode scanners, so that the data can be transferred online. The customer has accurate information on fluid, filter and filter material replenishment.


    An essential part of Total Fluid Management is the consulting services provided to the customer.

    • We have our own laboratory and carry out various types of oil analysis
    • We prepare proposals for economical replacements of working fluids and filter materials
    • We highlight potential faults and problems and work with you to resolve them
    • We offer specialised consultancy in the field of hydraulic systems


    A crucial area for the success of Total Fluid Management is professional communication with the customer. His satisfaction is our priority.

    • Our technicians communicate with production operators and foremen
    • We emphasize communication between project managers
    • We participate in regular meetings with the customer’s management
    • We connect the customer with the industrial fluid manufacturers themselves