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    Nástavba FT-VNS01-SA01

    Three separate tanks
    Self-retracting drums ending with dispensing guns with a range of 10 m
    Flow meter for recording the quantity dispensed
    Integrated pressure filters to ensure the purity of the dispensed oil


    • A custom-designed car body is used by lubrication technicians to record and add fluids to machines on the job. The fluids are filled from the drums into the tank of the body and through a dispensing gun into the machine tank. The liquids are thus not contaminated by ambient dust and moisture. There is also no need for manual handling of jerry cans and jugs.

    Main advantages:

    • Reduction of the operating effort for lubrication technicians
    • Elimination of contamination of liquids by the external environment
    • More accurate measurement of added fluid
    • Increased speed of refilling machine tanks


    • Three tanks with a volume of 300, 400 and 300 l
    • Possibility to fill the tank via integrated pumps
    • Integrated filters for filtration of both the oil filled into the tanks and the oil dispensed
    • Safety features (level sensors, pressure switches and safety valves)

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    Nástavba FT-VNS01-SA01