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    Mobile vacuum filtration unit FT-VZ-7

    Pump with a nominal flow rate of 7 l/min. (420 l/hr.)
    Maximum water content in oil 30 %
    Oil drying to 10 ppm
    Nominal filtration fineness 10 mic.
    Sensors for online sensing of water content and oil purity
    Easy to use


    • Removal of free and bound water with mineral and synthetic oils
    • Filtration of mineral and synthetic oils


    • 1x Candle filter housing FT-SF-20
    • 1x Filter elements FTSF-10-20 - nominal filtration fineness 10 mic.
    • 1x Suction filter FT-INF-34N250 with stainless steel sieve with fineness 250 mic.
    • Heaters with an output of 6.6 kW
    • Wiring 3x 400 V 50 Hz
    • Total power 7,9 kW
    • Dimensions 725 x 600 x 1240 mm (w x d x h)
    • Weight: 148 kg
    • Suction and discharge PU hose with metal braid (3 and 3.5 m)

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    Mobile vacuum filtration unit FT-VZ-7