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    Mobile flushing unit FT-KPZ-02MEM

    Diaphragm pump with a nominal flow rate of 57 l/min.
    Maximum pressure 6 bar
    Powered by compressed air
    Two-tank system for release and preservative fluid


    • Flushing of cooling circuits of spindles, injection moulds, etc.


    • Flowmeter
    • Electric pump
    • Filter with nominal filtration fineness of 1 mic.
    • Package of frequently used reducers and couplings


    • Flushing tank with 250 mic. stainless steel return sieve.
    • Pressure gauge for monitoring system pressure and air pressure
    • Easy station setup (flushing, preservation, liquid displacement with compressed air)
    • Mobile full stainless steel frame with two tanks
    • Dimensions 556 x 1565 x 1132 mm (w x d x h)
    • Suction and discharge hoses (3 and 3.5 m)
    • Connectible via quick couplers

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    Mobile flushing unit FT-KPZ-02MEM