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    Mobile centrifugal filtration unit FT-ODS1000-OH800-M

    Nominal flow rate 13–50 l/min. (800–3,000 l/hr.)
    Selectable filtration fineness 5–0.2 mic.
    Three-stage filtration (can be used separately)
    Absorption of 6,000 ml of water/ set of filter elements


    • Filtration of mineral and synthetic oils (removal of mechanical impurities and water)
    • Suitable for filtration of quenching oils and oils with high mechanical impurities


    • Suction filter with stainless steel reusable filter insert 1,000 mic.
    • Centrifugal unit (nominal filtration up to 5 mic.)
    • 4x Filter element FT-B88Al
    • 4x Filter elements FT-V88 (nominal filtration fineness 1 mic. and water absorption)
    • 1x Module filter FT-MF400BAJ
    • 1x Filter element FT-MF400S100BAJ (absolute filtration fineness 0.8 mic.)
    • Dimensions 900 x 2270 x 1470 mm (w x d x h)
    • Weight: 650 kg
    • Mobile frame with catch basin
    • Wiring 3x 400 V 50 Hz
    • Max. operating temperature 60 °C
    • Including suction and discharge hoses

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    Mobile centrifugal filtration unit FT-ODS1000-OH800-M