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    Mobile filtration unit FT-MZ-20AIRSA01-FTSK401

    Nominal pump flow 20 l/min. (600 l/hr.)
    Touch panel control with automatic control system
    Removal of mechanical impurities, water and soft sludge
    Possibility to transfer data and device statuses to PC or mobile phone


    • Removal of soft sludge, mechanical impurities and low water content from mineral oils


    • 1x Filter housing FT-B88 series
    • 1x Filter element type FT-V88
    • Nominal filtration fineness 1 mic. + absorption of 1,500 ml of water
    • 1x Modular filter housing FT-MZ-300
    • 1x Filter element type FT-MF300
    • Absolute filtration fineness (selectable 25–0.2 mic.)
    • Electric installation 3x 400 V 50 Hz
    • Sensors for oil and equipment condition monitoring (cleanliness, water content, temperature, pressure and oil flow)
    • Dimensions 630 x 1055 x 1300 mm (w x d x h)
    • Suction and discharge PU hose with metal braid (3 and 3.5 m)

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    Mobile filtration unit FT-MZ-20AIRSA01-FTSK401