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    Microfiltration technology FT-ODS2000-OH800-MZ40/2

    Nominal flow rate 3,500 l/day
    Automatic control system with remote reporting capability
    Removal of mechanical impurities, water and soft sludge
    Cyclic operation


    • Efficient micro-filtration of cutting oil after briquetting press
    • Removal of large volumes of mechanical impurities and free and bound water


    • 1x Centrifugal filter unit
    • 1x Mechanical filter unit FT-ST-3200
    • 1x Modular filter unit FT-MZ-40/2
    • Automatic control system with remote message capability
    • Variable station mode setting
    • Dimensions 4,100 x 5,800 x 3,100 mm (W x D x H)

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    Microfiltration technology FT-ODS2000-OH800-MZ40/2