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    Other filters

    One of our competitive advantages is the great variety of products we offer. We supply filters for
    agricultural and construction machinery, we also manufacture customized stainless steel screens.

    Mobile applications

    • Complete range of filters for agricultural and construstion machinery
    • Replacements for John Deere, Caterpillar, New Holland, Kramer and many more brands
    • When requesting a replacement, simply state the name of the machine or filter
    • Singnificantly lower prices than for orininal filters while maintaining all the parameters of the original
    Magnetic filters

    • A very effective, cheap a simple form of filtration without the need to change the filter
    • Maximum flow rate of 100 l/min
    • Permanent magnet with a strenght of 0.9 T
    • Maximum pressure 8 bar
    Silica gel filters

    • Air filter for oil tanks
    • Prevents moisture and mechanical impurities from the air from entering the tank
    • Air flow rate of 566 l/min
    • Colour indication of filter saturation
    Stainless steel screens

    • Thanks to our own production we can adapt the dimensions and efficiency to the customer’s requirements
    • Suitable as a first stage of filtration to capture coarse impurities ≥ 50 µm
    • Long service life → easy to clean after clogging
    • Suitable for both oils and water-based liquids